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Are the boxes hollow? I would figure the mounting for Judd pieces would be pretty well engineered. I don't think he was as much of a Flavin control freak in terms of the setup behind the pieces.
It's the first Judd I've seen and it looked like a few shelves on the wall. Are they supposed to be saying something?
@2 it's from the minimalist period in American contemporary art when everyone got really into space, maaaaaaaaaan. Some of the materials and fabrication processes were really innovative for the time. In terms of how influential it's been, I direct you to the classic "Judd or cheap furniture?" quiz.
Multi-million-dollar my ass. It's metal boxes stuck into the wall. If one falls out of the wall, you re-anchor it. It's a boring simple modern sculpture. It's not like he's wiping his ass on a Raphael Cartoon.
Whatever you think of the art itself, that is no way to behave in a space that isn't yours to things that aren't yours, even if you are a child. The parents rolling their eyes at the museum for asking the them to get their kid off the art are awful people.
Why is no one saying "Horrible artist"?

If your art can be easily confused for a shelving unit, you're pretty bad at art.
when your art can be easily mistaken for a jungle gym, it's your own fault.
@7 I don't blame the kid, it looks like fun. Screw that woman for tweeting "horrible child". Kids are curious and don't magically understand appropriate museum behavior without some, you know, parental intervention.
That kid on that piece of art is the best thing that ever happened in that miserable exhibit.

Every last one of you was at least once in your life a screechy horrible little shit, no matter what mummy and daddy told you in the revisionist history of your early years. If you're still upset at the kids, or the parents (and god knows you'd have to be an idiot to be so) just remember you have no idea what happened to that kid after they got home. Maybe the mother made him kneel on rice for two hours? Maybe the father beat him so badly that he developed a stutter. Feel better yet about all those awful parents and awful children that neither you nor anyone you know was once like?
It's a museum. It's okay to not like or appreciate the art.

But it's not a playground. Children need to be taught appropriate behavior for different locations. If you want to teach your kid something AND have fun, go to a children's museum where that behavior IS encouraged.

(I'm sure many of you would have a lot to say if the kid was climbing on chairs in a restaurant where you were trying to have dinner. Chairs can be for climbing, right?)
Yay for the kid! He's ignoring the artificial dollar value and just doing what I'd like to do when some piece of art interests me -- ignore the guards and the guardians, and get close to it. Climb all over it. Slide down the side of it. Fall off it. Fall asleep on it. Whatever.
So it won't last forever. So what? Nothing will.
7 or 8? No way. The kid looks to be 4, tops (having a wee one I feel at least semi-qualified to guess). Also, the person who took the photo told off the parents, who told her off in turn. They for sure didn't punish the kid when they got home - as they shouldn't have, since it was THEIR responsibility to control their kid. Kids will want to touch/eat/wipe their noses on anything at all, so it's really up to the parent to see that they don't at that age. And now somebody please cue the "you should've seen what he did to the Duchamp" jokes...
Looks like Jen called it.
Douchebags beget douchebags, unfortunately. Whether in a museum or restaurant or movie theatre or wherever, people need to take care of their fucking kids.
Ikea LACK.
@3 That's the most fun internet quiz I've taken in a while. I got 75%.
Yikes at the issues @9 is working out.

The kid's being a kid. The parents are entitled dicks.
I'm sending my kids to every "what's the big deal" person's house to climb around in their dresser drawers, on their coffee tables and kitchen cabinets.

Doesn't matter if it's a $3M statue or a $30 garage sale coffee table, you teach your kids to respect other peoples' things and stop them when the owner asks them to stop.
A metal box is better resist to a fucking sledgehammer if it's gonna be worth 3 million dollars.
Ugh, the Gawker comments. Trashy trash from trashville. Who cares if the art "sucks", be respectful. Kids are unpredictable, but the shameless parents should have left if their child was unmanageable. The child wasn't unmanageable, the parents were.
I watched the massive opening-day crowds destroy Carl Andre's Lead Coil floor piece at the Guggenheim Bilbao by simply not noticing it. It took less than 10 minutes to completely flatten it. A testimonial to the power of Gehry's architecture. Hilarious.
In Cuzco, I saw parents put their kids in Inca ceremonial niches. But those are stone, and definitely up to holding the weight of a child. Kind of amazing that this held up.

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