• JG

I came upon this orchestrated trash pile last night at 11th and Pike. It sits next to a row of overflowing dumpsters, as if it just spilled out and formed itself into a fort. Or, it looks like a bunch of items from the Value Village one block away got up and marched out of the store and onto the corner.

You can't tell from this photograph, but on the street it's obvious that it was constructed pretty carefully by somebody who wanted it to be looked at from all sides. There's a rug with an image printed on it, a patterned umbrella, a flower perched on a stick, etc.

A bunch of messy guerrilla installations—art? Not art? Debate away—has been showing up on these few blocks lately—all by one person/crew? A commentary on the "cleanup" of the Hill?

It reminded me of Chauney Peck's vinyl pieces. Remember Peck? She moved to LA a few years ago but her presence is still here, and her husband, Chris Engman, has a show coming up at Greg Kucera Gallery.

Chauney Peck, cerrado, vinyl on paper, 2007
  • Courtesy of the artist
  • Chauney Peck, cerrado, vinyl on paper, 2007

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