Coffee cups with names on them and fake blood inside.

Not exactly a huge loss here.
the artist and curator fucked up - I don't care if they thought about the type of paint and the potential to stain the concrete. you have to clear it with facilities. they control everything.
"Later that night, Red Star called the artists and told them they'd need to wipe up the paint, get the cleaned-up floor approved by the center, then install a pre-cut piece of gray vinyl that matched the floor as a base, so that the paint could drip on that surface instead. Bumbershoot volunteers would acquire the vinyl, she told the Galanins."

This would have taken all of 20 minutes to accomplished.

An ego-driven power struggle? Among artists? Say it ain't so.
A grey tarp costs <$10. There's so many gaps in common sense here that it doesn't make sense.

Let's fuck a floor up with paint...because art. It's a temporary exhibit, make it temporary, don't be an asshole. Great way to get an exhibit next year, piss off exhibitors. Maybe it's temporary...really, you took that much care to mix it so it wouldn't set, but you don't bother with a floor covering? You think that would be the case by Tuesday? I don't.

You need to put a covering down, no, get it out, we want you here, no, I'm getting rid of it...what? I saw a guy drunk and high at Cal Anderson last week saying Earth Wind and Fire used to open up for HIM that made more sense than Red Star.

SLOG Headline....Ferguson Related Artwork pulled. Misleading as hell. NO...paint on the floor artwork pulled. I doubt anyone at Bumbershoot gave a fuck what it was, they know artists well enough to know if the floor was permanently stained, there's no way they're fixing it.
First off….I know Wendy Red Star…ego-driven power struggle is NOT who she is. If anything, she is under enormous pressure right now to get this installation up and ready for Bumbershoot. And was not expecting a bunch of crap over paint on a cement floor to come from the management. And the artists doing the work…could have also tried to help out a bit. The entire display is not about just them. Put yourself in Wendy's place and see if you could hold up under the pressure…and then to get slammed in a op-ed.
"It probably could have been handled better." Yeah, it probably would have gone better if she had treated the Galanins with an ounce of respect instead of firing orders at them like they were criminals.

When Nicholas contacted me yesterday to let me know this was happening, he was extremely frustrated. She wasn't the only one feeling the frustration.

Looking forward to seeing it at the Frye.
Sounds like an art ego taking over and trying to make something overly political when the materials themselves are too weak to support the concept. As an American Indian person who considers themselves aware and somewhat political I find this type of behavior unacceptable because it overshadows the rest of the work in the show. this is very unfortunate. my heart goes out to the curator and other artists.
Hissy fit by diva artists. Very theatrical. Ultimately pointless and not improving their reputation as artists.
How about we just listen to some music and have a good time instead of trying to turn this into some sort of political rally? Seriously it's going to start raining soon.
Nick's wolf tickets will eventually be called, he's a decent salesman but anyone that was around the whole production knows what really happened. Another case of a little boy calling wolf.
Why is there going to be an exhibition of what looks like screenshots from the Sims?
Nick's wolf tickets will eventually be called. Although he continues to prove that he is a decent salesman, but anyone that was around the whole "production" knows what really happened. Sadly this is just another case of a little boy calling wolf. He pulled his piece and it played out like bad reality TV.
The fact that you people consider a little paint on the floor more important than YOUR OWN PD killing people of color is a real problem.
What keshmeshi @14 said. I'm baffled by the game screenshots.
The headline is misleading. It's a story of its own, there's no need to piggyback Ferguson.
18 nailed it. It should have read "Artists disrespect venue with exhibit".
So this, really, has nothing to do Bumbershoot, or Ferguson. What's Jen Graves' beef with Bumbershoot, then?
All you people care so much about a concrete floor and "doing the right thing." "Respecting the space." You don't give a f___k about the issues behind the piece. Priority: protect the floor!!
@21 please explain how disrespect for someone else's property is going to bring about justice for the people's names that are on the cups? I'm willing to bet everyone here agrees that police brutality is a problem but causing a janitorial crew more work in a vain attempt to capitalize on a major social movement just because you think you have the right to is absurd.
So the "artists" even know what makes a police killing "extrajudicial"? Can Jen give any reason she promoted this "art"?
I've spent years cleaning the floors in the Fisher Pavilion. That floor has dealt with way worse than artsy fake blood. Anyhow, I agree, a matching gray tarp would have been a good solution and I don't see why it was a deal-breaker for the artists. But at least now you won't have to pay $66 to see it.
Bullfuckingshit, This controversy is so calculated and sophomoric. Even by Stranger standards, this is pathetic.
man of color=colored man. ban "of color"
QUICK! Every commenter pick a side and post something inflammatory about your New Opponent!!
I agree with Trey Moorman. Where was the organizer when they started the project? Ironic the art center has a Native American art show and then shows little respect in communicating with civility.

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