At this one-bedroom condo in Eastlake, you don’t just live with art, you live in art. Courtesy Rob Rhee


This is so great! My chief complaint of museums and galleries is that they typically sterilize the experience of viewing art. I've always been drawn to churches (especially fancy ones) because there the art is an instrument, a tool to get you to engage in the space, or to perform religious devotion, etc. I love the idea of a house where you live with the art in a decidedly non-sterile way. I only wish I were still in Seattle so I could check it out myself!
Wow, Xenia sounds amazing! One of the most profound experiences of art I had was coming upon an Anasazi Native American ceramic pot during a hiking trip in Utah. I had seen plenty of similar ceramic work in museums, but seeing it in its own environment was completely different and so much more arresting. It's awesome that Rhee is creating the opportunity for a similar experience in the context of modern-day art as well, living with art in situ, in our everyday spaces.

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