Visual Art Dec 14, 2016 at 4:00 am

Don’t Let the Grinch Steal Your Capacity for Awe

You can have my yuletide joy when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. Jessica Stein


Obama is still president until next year, can we stop spending every waking day talking about what things mean or are in the context of Trump?

Was anyone talking about what it meant to have an Obama Christmas?

Our lives don't revolve around the presidency.
Sweet! I needed that. Thank you, Rich.
@1: I have to laugh when I see people talking about what is happening now in "Trump's America."

Because you know...we are still in Obama's America and have a couple more months here.

Hell, I saw people criticizing Trump for the issues at Standing Rock, an issue that pro-pipeline Obama largely ignored, and pro-pipeline Clinton simply gave a condescendingly passing hand wave to. Sad!
Christmas is about bringing joy to children. As a highly childless city I can see why people in Seattle could forget that. Children don't care who the president is, nor should they. Let this time of year be happy for kids. Quit moping around, because things are going to get better under Trump, not worse.
@4 Between this article and the one by Jen Graves (who bravely allowed no comments to her diatribe)...Seattle IS a city of children. Too selfish and self absorbed to be able to think outside of their own little wah wah world. Unlike honest to goodness chronological children, who are malleable, tenacious, forgiving and forward thinking...the stunted adultchild that schleps around seattle is a shell/pretender of a human.

Where is the vim and vigor needed to defeat ISIS, the resolve needed to secure the sovereign borders of our Nation, the steel to balance a budget...on it's ass, in the dumps all because life threw them a (very reasonable and plausible eventuality) raspberry.

Merry Christmas Seattle, try not to harm yourselves.

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