Visual Art Jan 17, 2018 at 4:00 am

When you think of Futurama, don't imagine quirky robots, but traffic jams

Looking at urban mobility at the Center for Architecture & Design. Trevor Dykstra


"One, the animated TV series by the Simpsons creator, Futurama, is neither interesting nor funny."

Wrong. This is the most wrong thing you've ever said.
I would have read past the first paragraph, had you not taken a gratuitous dump on Groening's Futurama.
Yes, your glib dismissal of one of the most brilliant television programs ever created also made me ignore the rest of the article and hastily come to the comments to tell you how wrong you are, Mr. Mudede.

That's three out of three comments.

Your penance is to substantively, thoughtfully write an actual review of the show. Even just one episode, please. Tell us why a joke we thought was funny, or a plot we though was interesting, is actually "neither interesting nor funny".

I'm seriously hesitant to read anything else you have to say until you sustain this criticism, and I usually count myself among your fans.

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