Marc Dombrosky

After shuttering its brick-and-mortar storefront a few years ago, Platform Gallery manifested as an online-only gallery, and has been hosting rotating monthly Spotlights. While most online galleries are focused primarily on sales, with the art presented as consumables, Platform curates its exhibitions.
Currently, it’s presenting A New Curse: Part II, Marc Dombrosky’s installation of photography and text that captures the stories of our lives’ detritus: the weird stuff we move from one place to another to another, or those once useful items found abandoned on the roadside.

Over the last couple decades, Dombrosky has moved numerous items from Tacoma to Las Vegas and to his home near where he teaches at Southwestern Michigan College in Dowagiac, Michigan. Among the items that he’s carted again and again is an item featured in Part I of the exhibition: a portrait of an anonymous old man that hung in his family home growing up. The painting leans unceremoniously against a garage wall, quietly off gassing the aura of an object that lives on and on because someone has decided not to let it go.

Dombrosky’s new practice, which he describes as “found objects newly sited,” is an intriguing fit with Platform’s current online-only presence. Dombrosky has used the medium to set up conversations between image and text in a scrollable flow. And while the objects may someday be thrown away, they are memorialized forever on the world wide web.

A New Curse: Part II is showing through the end of November. (Free, 24/7)