A Piece of Art to Sit Inside of on a Summer Day

James Turrell's Light Reign inspires deep thoughts. It's also nice and shady.



It’s a public gallery/museum, but I wish one could reserve the Turrell space for 20 minute increments to just be in it, undisturbed (or with guests of one’s choosing).


Greetings Charles from Montgomery, AL,
Visiting another state Capitol. This time Alabama's. Quite lovely but HOT! 95 degrees!

Saw your post. I have been to the Turrell space, "Light Reign" at the Henry at UW. Gorgeous! I've spent about 10-15 mins. alone there. It's meditative. And, it was a clear day as well.

It reminded me of the beautiful Illinois Memorial at Vickburg, MS, a Civil War Battlefield Memorial with an open sky dome as well. Somber. I believe it was built in 1906(?).