The Men Who Knew Too Much

Two Versions—One Clear, One Muddy—of Being Information-Rich


What happened to art criticism? We are subject to reviews written by self-flattering door mats whose only goal is to give themselves another pat on the back for writing yet another review of which no one will raise a brow at. A singular clap of hands echoing in an empty room is mistaken for applause. People are afraid to get their hands dirty and risk nothing when putting together these write-ups; when will they realize that is their job?; to reveal the work for what it is instead adding to the stench.

1. corporate ladder

a sexual act(created by a genius who shall be known as tootoes) in which a man lies face down on the edge of a supporting object with his penis pushed downward between his legs while his partner kneels behind him and sucks it with her nose in his ass. thus sucking cock and brown nosing all at the same time... corporate ladder.