Art Review Revue

The Various Virtues and One Fatal Flaw of Three Art Shows


Great review on the John Grade exhibit at BAM. He's actually giving a tour of his show this Friday, Nov 28th at 6:30 pm as part of BAM's Finally Friday. DJ Scientific American will put on some cool beats, too, and there'll be wine and appetizers. The show closes on Sunday so catch it while you can. ~tanja
Ha! Yeah, the SAM has def been flubbing on its supporting documentation lately. I thought that having a large group of both paintings and drawings together, along with contemporary photographs helped. Take a second look at both the paintings and the drawings, and pay attention to the vantage point of the viewer/artist versus each woman's placement near a window. Exactly how much of this is voyeurism, and how much is exhibitionism?
In response to the Hopper's Women review: Why are you writing about artwork if you don't understand basic compostionion? I can understand how someone could use some help interperting the paintings, but really, you should come to museums to look at art. If you want to read about art, read magazines, newspapers or books. It's not the museum failing to educate, it's you.