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The Aftermath of SAM's Unusual Partnership with WaMu


Lovely article!

Nobody thought the bank would fail.

Nobody at SAM, anyway.
Hi Jen,

nice article....

by any chance do you think there is a connection between the english languages meager number of character displacement tools (26 letters in the american english language) and the rise to call of inept art connisuers

" digression into a concept of artistic slang "...

i.e.,( all )the names are starting to look the same at the coprorate level banking vaults of social art placement gifting parties?


to the egoists....

I tried not to bring into the stereo-typical race to face the visual bigotry of the imagery switch,

"ya'all are beginning to look alike".

pps. perhaps seperatists and hard line religeious types should consider what it takes to reproduce another countries language characters like some people consider reproducing photo-copied scribbles.
I don't know how much they are all giving, but a recent Contributors Circle reception was pretty packed.

Of course, they do always have open bars at those things...