Sometimes Water Is Deep

The Art Melts at Western Bridge


what is the vapors?
My favorite thing to do is swim in the Ocean. I enjoy the fact of my relative scale with the ocean. Embrace insignificance. I’m afraid of being eaten by a shark, but I overcome that fear because experiencing beautiful like the giant practical infinity of Earth's global Ocean is worth it.

That ice cube is pretty brilliant. (I was going to write cool, before I realized the stupid pun)
Good show at WB, found a lot to look at with the fall and winter curations too, the movement of the works when readjusted with incoming works, how the works break loose from previous installations and build different tensions or maintain their isolation.

Nice to see Kathleen Johnson's work again. She was in one of my favorite shows in LA, “l*and*sc*ape" at Cirrus Gallery” in 2001.