Visual Art Apr 8, 2010 at 4:00 am

John Grade Leaves His Sculptures Alone on Mountaintops


At least he gives a few people the means to find them, and appreciate them.
I love John's work so much. I'm one of his assistants and I can say for a fact he is one of the most creative, inspirational, kind-hearted, genuine people I've ever met. Best job ever.
Everyone should come to Bellingham!
WTF? So he litters the outdoors. The last thing I want to see when i go hiking, is some art installation. This guy needs to leave the outdoors natural.

So by that logic, could someone complain about seeing you when they go hiking? And Grade's work is temporary - not litter. Using the outdoors responsibly and calling attention to the beauty of nature and its processes are Grade's way of keeping your beloved trails in business.

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