Immigration Reform

The Haunted Old INS Building Becomes a New Art Space


great piece, Jen. though, i have to say that i don't actually LIVE in my studio. ;)
@1: Weird -- that somehow got edited in; of course you don't. I'll fix.
If you are trying to get the word out to artists, it might help if you include contact information.
i love wandering in old empty buildings... it was great fun to do that in the downtown F&N store after they went bust - as preview to the auction - they had moved most of the fire extinguishers into one room and, though we shouldn't have, a friend and I had a major battle involving the discharge of some of those!
I have fond memories of that building. It's where I got my green card in 2003. My wife and I went in to the interview expecting to be put in different rooms and grilled about our toothbrushes and sex lives, but instead had a friendly chat with a nice woman about the merits of various neighborhoods in Seattle.

They really could have used an indoor waiting space though. With no scheduled appointments, a couple of pre-dawn line-ups in the cold and rain weren't too pleasant.
@3 agreed. I googled: "INSCAPE" and "INSCAPE Seattle", nothing. Some contact info would be great.
I do hope this building makes a successful transition and takes advantage of the potential it has to be a great art space. I have horrible, horrible memories of going there. Humiliation is mild to explain how I was treated. It would be great to change the building's personality.
Thanks for the insightful piece Jen,
The contact information for INSCAPE is Sam Farrazaino 206-890-3283
It's s great building - marble stairs - artists will bring a positive life to it
hum... so much to be said about this. Why not are they also live/work/art spaces ? with LOW rent control? I would paint a painting if I lived there that said 1+1=1

Sending Love,
Ms.Killer B