Neighborhood for Lease

Storefronts Seattle Skims the Surface of the Deep, Dark, Empty Spaces in Pioneer Square


Wow, even the rug store is out of business now?…
I think displaying art is not even far enough. Maybe to idealistic, but I would find it interesting to have all the empty retail be lent to working artists. Have them pay for the utilities..but it would be good to have spaces occupied, alive and vibrant, rather than empty. Just my opinion..
Have you heard about the new Jaded Ibis Productions office in the Ok Hotel?
@parrallaxis - Storefronts Seattle does more than just display art - the program includes support of creative ventures as well. 6 of the 10 Storefronts spaces are leased to artists (for free), who are using the space to open a new gallery, create a pinball museum where anyone can come in to play, teach architecture classes to kids, rehearse and create a new theatre work...they are absolutely occupied, alive and vibrant. Check them out -
That is absolutely amazing. is one of the best modern day causes that we can support.

Keep it up.