Visual Art Nov 25, 2010 at 4:00 am

Jungles, Deserts, Psychedelia, Spreadsheets

A detail of one of his paintings at Wall of Sound. courtesy of the artist


Looks like a random piece of Burning Man art in the middle of the Black Rock Desert.
Two stimulating artists. I really get off on Engman.

No, your definition of "senescence" is misleading. (Forgive me for pointing this out.) Yeah, it would maybe fit the life of single celled organisms at their end and refer to changes that go on in the cells of old living organisms. However, it is a term that refers generally to the irreversible changes that take place in the later stages of life for all organisms, the accumulation of permanent pathological events that prevent an organism from lasting much longer or as young. This includes changes outside the cell. Things like rheumatoid arthritis and free-radicals, and any aging event that heralds the coming of the end of life or the functionality of the organism are included. In perennial gardening you can divide (clone?) a clump of plant and sometimes somewhat revive its youth but the odds are that after a given number of generations of divisions aging will inevitably make the divisions less desirable as a plant. Thus the term "clonal senescence". The medically helpful clones of cancer cells used in research age regardless and render them a limited number useful generations to the scientist.
That Engman piece is sweet ass!

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