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Claire Cowie at James Harris


first of all, do you mean cross hatching or hatch marking as in a form of mathematical notation used in reference to paint handling and technique? Please be clear.
Claire Cowie is at the head of the local 'pack of girl artists' that annoy and offend the sensibilities with their frivolous, neurotic, delicate, and idiosyncratic tendencies in their art, much like a Jane Austin movie. Her mousy scratching of graphic notations filled in with so many "accomplished techniques" from the world of painting is...UGH! Boring and indulgent. She is clearly one of the most overrated artists in the scene which causes one to wonder when you chance upon oneof her whims of a piece here and there... "are they serious?" It figures you would choose to celebrate her 'mini show' as the "runaway of the night" show (although possibly not difficult in light of the alternate offerings Thursday) Your use of "exuberant, throbbing", superlatives is ridiculous in this context, your Smithson reference unbelievable, and abuse of the term 'master painter' in regard to her capabilities-foolish. It brings this all to one note, you really DON'T get painting...
Maybe you should stay on Duchamp's jockstrap, it seems safer. (see below)

as seen in CITYARTS:
January 25, 2011 at 9:52 AM | by Goerge Laden Warhol

Can't believe anyone takes Jen Graves seriously. I am not an artist, nor have I been bothered by anyone she has criticized.Every article of hers I have ever read is a combination of snarky meets wannabe academic. She is everything that is wrong with an art critic, and perpetuates redundancy. Everytime I read one of her articles I feel like someone is paraphrasing an art history book, or a modern art magazine from the early 1970's. Get off Marcel Duchamps jock already. World War 1 has long since been over, and Dadaism is old and worn out at this point. Maybe not if you sit in your closet sobbing about how meaningless the world is cutting yourself I guess.People who have trailer park names like "Jen" and look like Blossom, should not be taken seriously by the art world. Praise for another art instillation or performace art piece? For fucks sake, I am going to sit in a dark closet listening to goth music and cut myself if I have to here about anymore of that crap.I never hear her discuss symbolism, composition, or any other way an artist uses the mechanics of art to accomplish the task at hand. Her opinions to me are boring and cliche. She seems like someone that wishes they were part of the Warhol scene in New York, or even worse, someone who tries to re-create it.Alexander Calder write ups? Good grief what next a Jackson Pollock rocks the art world article?Jen Graves the year is 2011. If the art world ever comes to an end, I will move into the art world of Jen Graves and be safe for another 50 years.

looks like someone's got her panties in a bunch (artistsforangels).
@2 - ya think?
those paragraphs say little about anything but themselves. take some meds, you're a couple of angry mongs.
I finally went down to see the show. Really wonderful work, I haven't been a big fan of her work in the past, but I think it is one of her best pieces and some of the most interesting work I have seen around Seattle in quite some time. I think Jen's was a brief but thoughtful review.. -- And to the Stoeszian fucktards that took some pot shots above, I don't think YOU get painting. Rather than paying attention to details, and perhaps trying to discover what the artist is trying to convey, you prefer finding superficial qualities that annoy you and then make some smart ass comment. Try exercising critical/imaginative thinking for a change. Looking at art is about paying attention and withholding judgement for a time, essential tools for anything in life really.

But I digress. Cowie's centerpiece work titled "Dead reckoning" creates the effect of looking out of a window pane and joining the onlookers within the piece. The entirety of the landscape fits together in a disjointed way, oscillating between interior and exterior spaces full of people and portraits, myths and animals. Some of the dwellings are collapsing and rotting, others dissolve like a ice cube, others are hidden behind a grate of baroque filigree. It didn't seem to be about a hundred different ways to deftly handle paint but rather there was a point to the disparate places and textures pulling on one another. To me, the whole thing is about dealing with apathy and a sense of helplessness. One home burns wood while a home on another plane burns down...How do we digest the realities of the world? How do you still find some sense of peace? what do you make for the world to digest?

oh yeah, I forgot to say that you need to read #5 aloud in a foghorn leghorn voice for the proper effect.
@1 is totes jelly