Tender and Smash

A Web of Sculptures and Drawings by Dawn Cerny and Adam Marnie


I love Dawn Cerny's work as least as much as Norman Rockwell's. It seriously moves me and I am serious. Her piece about a Bigger Rape Whistle appears to touch the core of currant pop culture as would a Rockwell American Thanksgiving painting in his time. It also seems rather illustrational in this sense. Her work would probably have difficulty making it to the cover of the SEP if is still thrived. The Stranger's cover probably. With Rockwell it's not the picture content, angry or not, that has sold me on his work. It's his use of color and light, brush skill and general painting skill. I think one has to look behind his chosen picturism to get it. Cerny is of a quite different artistic bent more resonant of modern times. Like Rockwell, her concepts reach into our psyches but in a newer form of artistic neo-reference. Rockewell would surely stumble trying to grasp the idea of simulacrum.