Visceral, Violent, Charming

Fourteen Sweaty Artists Colonize Three Doomed Houses


"No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell." -Antonin Artaud
SOOOOO REAL, cool! so hip, so amazing, so important, so incredible, so original, so interesting, so compelling, so avant garde, so smart, so informed, so powerful, so strong, SO MAD!, so Manet, so recycled, so green, so PNW, so free, so wild, so trippy, so domestic, so flat, so colonizing, so right now, so bright, so very very contemporary, so parlor, so salvaged, so utterly SBC,so genius, so fabulous, so right,
so..................regional, so derivative, so jacked, so unabashed, so uninspired, so unintelligent, so undignified, so typical, so obvious, so Seattle, so fooled, so nothing, so predictable, so glad its temporary! And....... SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Oh, and, so WHAT!
Nice write up Jen!

The show was amazing to watch come together- and a true delight to be a part of. Working in setting in which on one level artists were able to play in very open, non-gallery type situations, but with this very full knowledge of the development of this block. What I mean is that while some work references the demolition/moving of the houses, and some is more playful and/or creating their own works. Each piece has a very visible extra layer of meaning with the knowledge of what will happen, shortly, to these old residences.
Jen you need a towel?
And Ryan-wipe off your nose...
I enjoyed it. Food for thought. People who are bored are usually boring, nu?…
No doubt soggydan, no doubt. Nice pic set too, btw.
this is sex.