Light Therapy

Participation and Privacy at ONN/OF


“If your best friend gets it, that's all that matters.”~ Kathleen Hanna
It was a great event, really enjoyable. Seattle needs more of this kind of thing! Thanks to the organizers for what must have been a lot of work.
Wonderful weekend, indeed. One addendum: While Hair and Space Museum was indeed responsible for the audiovisual content of SPACE d'OM, the dome itself and its lovely contents and surroundings were largely the work of our collaborator CARAVAN AGE, aka Rena Bussinger.
I believe the artists had only 3 weeks to prepare their works; I thought ONN/OF was terrific and I HopeHopeHope it will become an annual event.
The event was ok. As an ex-rave VJ, I've seen far better projection work. a couple of the installations were good. The internal beer garden was awesome. The school van was the best touch, although it was the kind of school bus anyone would actually want to own. It was a piece of art because it was cool to begin with.

The space itself is incredible, and artist/band's wet dream. I hope a lot more events happen there, as in this weekend.
Light therapy works for 90% of users and this one time investment intrigues more and more people. Light therapy seems to be a universal solution and you can now own acne lights for home use.
Hi Jen-what do you mean by ridiculous and profound? Can that be? In my own work I use alot of ceramic elementals as well as very effective video and photo imagery, uncoventionally. Light. As I wander I am struck by much of these same things exhibited here. MOMA's amazing retrospective of Francis Alys has also been a huge influence on my works point of view. As I now interject painting and collage into my pieces I feel it is more difficult than ever for the average viewer to grasp my work yet it stands stronger than ever. So ridiculous and profound? What do you really mean? Please explain. Thanks Jen.