Now Reverberating at the Frye

From Betty Boop to Shabazz Palaces and Beyond


"Women taught men about time and the men used this knowledge to become the planet’s most fearsome predator. Unfortunately, they also discovered that they were mortal. Men, then invented religions to soften the certainty of death. Subsequently, they belatedly grasped the function of sex. The possibility of achieving a kind of immortality through heirs drove men to construct patriarchal cultures whose purpose was to control women’s reproductive choices." Leonard Shlain
Can Jen Graves just admit to her infantile school girl obsession with her "Justin Bieber" Scott Lawrimore and his travelin' sideshow?

...and stop torturing us with all this?

Fun fact Mystic: moment magnitude opened October 12; mr lawrimores first day at the frye was oct 15. More hollow hatin from nwdipshit.
Several of the artists in this exhibition were represented by Scott Lawrimore and his wife is one of the curators.
And Yoko has a history of working with those artists long before Scott ever did...
"Several excuses are always less convincing than one." Aldous Huxley