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Extracting History from Cubbyholes at the Frye


Oh hon'-where do I begin? Of course you had to drag out your unhealthy attachment to Mr Lawrimore and his Travelling Side Show as soon as it appeared in all of it's slavish glory at the Frye in what is a thinly veiled disguise of the failed Lawrimore Project ONCE AGAIN-stinky Jen stinky! "Who cut one?" was heard several times on that "history" making day I heard...you might need to go on the Master Cleanse and get rid of whats left of the Kool Aid in your system sweetheart. And that tete-a-tete redux sounds divine-I wonder what "artist" made that-cubbies are so IKEA pre-skool-LUV IT!! Sadly wouldn't something devoid of artifice, forced intellectualism, and honest regionally inspired thought been more authentic and poweful?
This is not interesting.

Really? A Deitch analogy? Puh-leez!
sticksnstones you hit the mark! Especially the crappy particle board bench thing. Ughh it's all coming apart and dirty...
"If it is shoes that you want, I'll give you shoes that you will admire to such an extent that you will lame yourselves trying to walk in them."-M.D.
The situation at the Frye is either one of arrogance or just plain negligence in regard to the Frye family original intentions. There has to be a better way to acknowledge this and stop allowing the use of the money and space to further these agendas. The board is obviously failing at this museum and it's unfortunate. Where they got the idea that it was ok to turn the Frye into yet another contemporary art center here in the area is ridiculous. They seem to be doing this at all the local museums these days, with a high rate of failure I might add.
From day one at the Frye in 1952 there were local, contemporary art shows. Sometimes clise to a dozen a year back in the 50s and 60s. The Fryes' themselves, in fact, we're working with the art, artists and ideas of their time. It's not 'ridiculous', it's fact (and the real history) of the Museum. The fact that they are continuing, extending and deepening this tradition today while still honoring and doing important scholarship with their historical works is precisely why they are different than all those other museums you speak of. It's only when they do contemporary shows that have no immediate connection or relevance related to their collection when they err as you say. Their current show honors while contextualizing their collection the way I see/read it.
You would have a hard time convincing anyone with their wits about them that the couple who collected that group of bourgeois middle range paintings would be down with what is going on there today. I think @5 should dig a little deeper into the actual story before you romantically justify your past histories of the Frye and the relevance of the current focus. I also disagree completely with your opinion that what is there these days is copacetic with the collection and original intent. You missed @1's point that it a big scam with enough of a nod to pull it off and still appear reverential.
I hope you like the cupcakes. Love, Vanilla Sprinkles

Like totally groovy recap of a surrealistic dadaist sedating enema. The only thing that would of made it better is if you had a Grateful Dead cover band play and maybe some mimes that look like hippies belly dancing. That would really get the old timers goats.
# 5 is spot on. this is exactly the conversation that the Frye had with each of the artists in Chamber Music, and it's my understanding that this is a history Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker and Scott Lawrimore wish to continue as the Frye moves forward.