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You are also going to be disappointed in the experimental outdoor art show at Carkeek Park this year ("Acclimatized: Heaven & earth 5") even though it is FREE and there are NO mosquitoes and not much rain (July was the driest in 50 years): and although the art is easily the strongest in the show's five year run (10:1 odds this is the LAST YEAR), the ANGEL of DESTRUCTION has visited again and utterly decimated the soundscape piece ("SoundPod D2000") and the polystyrene installation ("Stumpscape," by Philip McGaughy from Oakland), not to mention Seattle Parks' OWN STAFF accidentally powerwashing one of the "Tree Creatures" painted by an artist from Philadelphia (Richard Metz) -- so it is TOO LATE to bask in the sublimity of these works unthinkably located in a 200-acre nature park where only because of budget shortfall does Seattle Parks even allow the exhibit to occur. But for you, Loose Lips, today only: the "Stumpscape" will be re-installed in time for the Fall Fruit Festival in the Orchard, Sep. 14. [And art will continue in Carkeek, thanks to 4Culture's Site Specific Program, in 2014 and beyond.] BASTA!
You are of course entitled to your opinion; if it sucked for you, by all means tell us about it. But when you just say 'the art sucked' without giving any sort of real analysis of the festival (yes I realize this is a gossip column, but you did absolutely nothing to back up your proclamations); and when you don't even sign your own name to your 'review', it's pretty hard to see it as anything other than more of the same snarky cynicism that's become typical.