Facing Painting

New Installations by Kimberly Trowbridge and Julie Alpert Want to Immerse You


"This is how people who grow up in Everett and Indiana first learn about art. Which is sort of sad and very familiar to me, and, I imagine, not so uncommon."

are you serious?

"old timey"?

Your sad lack of ability to see and understand art in its proper context and its true power is such a qualifying statement on your utter lack of sophistication, it is embarrassing. Period. Your narrow mind is a travesty inflicted upon this barren terrain of art we are already forced to contend with here, but you are the overly sweet, toxic icing on that cake, sadly. You're a fool Miss Graves, and most know it, thankfully(hopefully).
Must vehemently congratulate Ms. Julie and Ms. Kimberly for their hard work and dedication to their profession. It also helps that the objects they create are beautiful and thought-provoking. And they are really great human beings.