The Balancing Act

The Affordable Art Fair Fights for a Future in Seattle


"No matter how little bad art costs, it's not affordable." Amen, sister.

I recommend it to new collectors, just so they can get a total immersion experience in the market and learn how different dealers deal (and, of course, how to then decide which of those methods you like and how to manage your way through them)
The fact that the fair opened on First Thursday also really screwed local gallerists who might have wanted to attend. Shows are often promised to artists very far in advance, so the choice is between dropping the fair or dropping the artist's exhibit opening and maybe even the whole exhibit. That downright sucks for everyone involved.
There's also a scheduling conflict for some --- Platform Gallery is at The Satellite NY Print Fair this weekend (satellite to the IFPDA Print Fair).
As the owner of Platform I can assure you we weren't in NY exhibiting. Davidson Gallery did exhibit at the New York Satellite Print Fair however. Also, the AAF schedule did not conflict with First Thursday. The fair closed at 5pm and First Thursday for most galleries started at 6pm.
Apologies for my confusion -- I got to talk with the Davidson folk at the Satellite NY Print Fair today and look forward to visiting Platform again next time I'm back in Seattle.