Debra Baxter's Five Perfect Pillows

Is Her Magnum Opus Too Good to Be Art?


Do those wontons come in hot and sour broth? Vegetable please, Yummy.
These are amazing, I love them. The part about her struggling between being unironic and having to have an extra idea struck a nerve with me. I am glad she didn't succumb to pressure to add an idea- aka a gimmick. Beautifully executed, personal and thoughtful work like this should not require a tagline or riddle. It just doesn't need that smarmy cleverness. I know how much a good story can add to a piece, but it can limit and label, too. I am glad she left it open.
I find it really interesting that a chunk of writing that was not there just showed up that is not in the printed version and was not there to begin with:
"With the pillows, plenty of people warned her that a display of classical skill wasn’t enough, to be careful to distract from it. Even she worried about making an unironic copy without adding some extra idea—say, the pillows adding up to the weight of her and her fiancé. But arranging the pillows in rows the way he did just felt right, so she went with it. Her only obvious departure from Dürer is that while he drew six pillows, she left one missing, and there’s a felt emptiness."
This piece was a very unusual situation working in a way I never have before. All based on my love for an amazing drawing. The pillows in the Durer drawing seem to wrestle with their own physicality. Contorting in ways that anthropomorphize the human struggle. To me that ended up being enough.
I think all these ideas brought up are interesting: high end retail, art vs. craft, conceptual vs. pure beauty.
I always wrestle between making beautiful objects and feeling like they should be more experimental, lumpy or fucked up.
I love what I have done with this show. I am very content with my work. Perhaps the next iteration will be lumpy...
and Matt Browning ought to know!

I mean he is THE wunderkind "new guy" love child of Rasputin who makes his art out of
tree sap, beer cans, and used skis.

Ugggghhhhh, really, is anyone that authoritative?

"Still, Matt Browning, a very conceptual artist, declared her work unfit for a progressive contemporary art gallery a few years ago."

Please don't agree with him as an accomplished art critic. His words are just nasty. Not needed : immature and insecure.