Pop Departures Challenges Our Deepest Belief Systems


Jeff Koons, really? The man is a colossal fraud. His only real talent is in self-promotion. Lord knows his art is not only ugly but completely superficial, shallow and terribly obvious. Scratch the surface and there is nothing underneath, except his lust for self-aggrandizement and enrichment at the hands of fools who pay way too much money for this pap.
Scintillating comment, Dawn!
Scratch the surface of a Koons, and you'll be handed a bill for 4M$
I don't know Claypatch. The imagery Koons produced from his time with La Cicciolina is nearly sublime. The sculpture of Michael and Bubbles in gold is as deep as celebrity, the critique of celebrity, and its celebration, can be.
Quick Q: Does anyone, including the writer, actually believe that this show "challenges our deepest belief systems"? Even without this absurd overselling, the show sounds as depressingly exhausted of new ideas as this write-up.
@mulata: Heh, it was exactly those images - the "La Cicciolina" - photos that I first experienced the Jeff Koons oeuvre. His artwork - photography, sculpture, installations - are beautiful to look at, in that they are all very well produced, but I find them to be non-compelling, flat, lacking in subtlety. Which may be his point, but so what? Lots of other artists and critics have made great commentary about celebrity culture in very subtle ways. I also thought his "La Cicciolina" photos to be awfully egotistical, in that he is looking at the camera, at the viewer, in all of them, which struck me as him putting up a somewhat "classist" stance; what I mean, is by looking into the camera in all those shots he seemed to be pointing out that he is there and we are "out here", a artificial distance that he put up and controls.
When I got home from seeing that exhibit, I had to make a baked potato with lots of sour cream.