Visual Art Feb 11, 2015 at 4:00 am

A Basic Introduction to an Uninteresting Artist

Taking the “new” out of “neo-pop” with pieces like We’re Off to the Outskirts of Hope. Courtesy of Seattle Asian Art Museum


You hate orientals! But it's ok- the work isn't all that exciting, anyway.
Glad you had the cojones to pan it.
I was underwhelmed by this exhibit. The exhibit didn't explain how this collection of pre-pubescent schoolgirls was any more interesting than the work of any other pervy Japanese artist. It relies far too heavily on the supposed celebrity of the artist.

We spent far more time viewing the interactive video displays of anime shorts (by other artists) than we did viewing the exhibit itself.
Agree 100% Jen, this exhibit was awful, and I too was hugely disappointed in SAAM's choice. The film was the worst part of a lackluster exhibit; a low budget film of young girls playing paintball in the woods while the camera focuses on their butts and chests. It was pretty much a teen-boy fantasy, but filmed by a creepy much older man. While I was there I witnessed a number of women leaving who were pretty much in shock that SAAM would show something that objectifying and mediocre.
The posters make it pretty clear this is an exhibition of bad and mediocre anime-inspired art for its own sake, which is why I hadn't considered going.

As to ethical concerns, the pervey moe elements have been pervasive in anime and manga for decades. Tackling that with intentionally mediocre drawings and a stupid, low budget movie that strips the veneer of production and convention from the approach seems like a valid and worthwhile tactic. If it makes you feel icky, maybe that's the point. But without proper context...

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