It's a thumbs-up. Pretty self-explanatory. Hope you "like" it.


I'm not sure what LOL stands for, but I've seen it all over Facebook. Seems like a big part of your brand. Is it "lots of love"?

"EMP 2"

Just hear me out on this. A lot of people in Seattle loved the first EMP building but were afraid to say it out loud. What will they say about an exact replica, right? My dream is to have six EMPs in Seattle.


I know this sketch looks a lot more like Fat Albert than you, Mark, but like everybody else, I have Bill Cosby on my mind. And once we get it CAD-rendered, it'll look a lot better.

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Now with Facebook here, Seattle will always be over-developing, so why not make a building about that? With real working cranes for management. It's a little edgy. A little audacious. But that's what I'm known for. recommended