I Thought We Had Plans

Why Is There So Much Emotional Graffiti in Seattle Right Now?


I love this. Thank you.
You said "Shitbarf!"
There's no way all of these are sincere, earnest, and heartfelt. I doubt most of them are anything but ironic in intent and origin. But it's nice that you can faux-empathize with people who might be feeling down, but are probably just having fun.
Cheer up, emo kid.
also around town: "best of luck with all of your problems".

very wistful trend
Take back the stalls and walls - more thoughtful graffiti, please!
shitbarf is a hero.
"Dad?" -- Jefferson Skatepark
Do you think this graffiti style is technically a form of passive-aggressive behavior?
As an experienced Copwatcher I have read hundreds of police emails about graffiti abatement and tags, taggers and their nyms, and photo references for "vandalism" that the cops are trying to abate (usually by charging the artists in criminal courts). The thought of police trudging through this kind of tag makes me want to start tailoring a campaign of graf devoted to just pithy quotes from cop autobiographical works, like Norm Stamper's "Breaking Rank." Maybe in a year or two we can all sit down to read about the former Seattle Police detective who has recently resigned due to ennui.
I have a hard time standing by my typical response of "graffiti is the human equivalent of a dog pissing on a fire hydrant" when the pictured example so well summarizes the current state of my own life. Kudos to its author.
Hey look, another SLOG filler post from a stringer. That totally isn't clickbait, guys, and if you think about it does "clickbait" really mean anything at all.
On the way to way to my kids school: VULVA In giant purple bubble letters. So funny.