Why You Still Can’t See the 20-Foot-Long Mural from the OK Hotel Bar After 14 Years


In April, Senator Leahy introduced a bill to change the tax code. http://katevrijmoet.com/blog/time-rally-…
Jeff Milhalyo's work is phenomenal. His work belongs in the NYC MET and all around the World. This mural belongs in a Seattle Museum but he should be reimbursed for his time. That is the flaw in the aforementioned law about donations. See, Nixon was getting paid for his time. Mihalyo wasn't. Maybe Mr Allen, Mr Bezos, or Mr Gates will understand this and decide to do something good for Seattle's artistic legacy. Then Jeff won't have to worry about paying rent for a few months instead of living hand to mouth and can pump out some more astounding work.
Worth good bucks deserves to be enshrined. But I'm going OT re another mural equally as amazing and harder-fought -- but Centralia nearly a hundred years on will have its revenge, with the "De-Resurrection of Wesley Everest."