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TARL Is the Future


I really. really. hope Rebar Niemi isn't the future of art in Seattle. He is just as (maybe even MORE) arrogant and unoriginal as his father. More than I hope this, I hope that you, Jen, don't really believe that he is the future of art in Seattle. Also, Anne Mathern makes great art and all, but she's kind of snotty and she gets too much air time, and WHY she is giving some of it to Rebar Niemi is beyond me. (I'm referring to the quote in the q+a you did with Anne where she and Rebar say they're going to dramatically step out of red fog like rock stars.) Maybe they're sleeping together or something.
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rebar is sleeping with everyone.
I think Rebar is an elegant gangster, and his approach to encouraging thinking and communicating about art is gentle and welcome in a time of cold competition and boring overhashed theory.