We Saw You Making Out in Ballard, Farmer-Spitting on Pine Street, and Wearing a Stuffed Parrot in North Seattle

Stranger Staffers Were There As It Happened


Hey guys I know that fucking Pirate ! When I was homeless he was residing with me and the other 200 people at the DESC. I was told that he spent his nights furiously masturbating which is probably why he had that grin on his face. I will have to stop by and say hello to him.

This is how Europeans expectorate. Not so sure about farmers. It's much more civilized than gathering all the phlegm from the back of your throat with a loud snort and then blowing it out your mouth.
Awwwwww... Hazlewood is still magical. I've never had that egregious of a makeout session there, but that place definitely has that effect on people. I've certainly had some first kisses and PDAs that pushed the boundaries of good and proper society, plus her ankles were visible.
snot rocket is the preferred nomenclature.
Hope the non-marrieds in the park hook up! :D

Always carry a kleenex, it's not that hard. Glad snot-rocketer got his own back..
@2: Ever heard of tissue? We Europeans certainly have :P
Tissue*s* ...