This is where we saw you dancing. The Stranger


RE: Eavesdropping. 11th Ave in Seattle runs North-South. You can't walk west on it unless crossing the street. But thanks for the geography lesson anyway.
@1: Thanks for noticing! Fixing.
I've always thought of "groping" to be implicitly without consent. "Fondling", "copping a feel", or even an "upstairs outsidey" is I imagine what was happening in this story.
@ Gillian:
"for fear that if we turned around to look at you, we'd find ourselves screaming, "It's the Liberty Bell and it's in fucking Philadelphia!"
Perhaps my comment was too understated. The overheards' rather innocent confusion as to the the location of the Liberty Bell seemed to elicit an enraged response from someone unfamiliar with the cardinal directions in one's own city, no?
Is a chill pill is in order, and a rethink of your own sense of omniscience? Or does your iron-clad (clever reference to something also in Boston) sense of cultural superiority not allow for self reflection or cutting the slightest slack for others?
We have some awesome bus drivers! I think I have had that guy before. :D

Shout out to Roger on the Number 5 on weekend nights, best metalhead bus driver ever. Got me safely to Studio Seven on Friday last week from Greenwood.
I know the EXACT bus driver that you're talking about and he is fucking awesome! I need to find out his name next time I ride with him so that I can call metro and give a compliment on his behalf to his supervisor. He goes above and beyond - plus, he kind of looks like LL Cool J which is a nice bonus.

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