We Saw You Lifting Rebar Outside Re-bar, Wearing American Flags at a Trump Rally, and Trying to Get People to Dance

Stranger Staffers Were There As It Happened


Granted, I'm old, but I was taught that wearing the flag as clothing, or wearing clothing printed to look like the flag, was extremely disrespectful and people shouldn't do it. I guess you rally-goers were raised by wolves.
Clearly the "entitled white male" section was written by an entitled black feminist. No bias there. And the hypocritical fip-flop bias of the Lynden sighting was hilarious. You can be a rube, but beefcake rubes get scores for horny big-city politically correct elitists. Im still trying to figure out if the writers got their journalism degrees from the FOX correspondence school of journalism, or the MSNBC correspondence school of journalism.