who the hell goes to Mercer Island for a walk
@1 - Two things, what makes $RandomStrangerEmployee think it's OK to peer in other people's windows and then actually complain (and what $RandomStrangerEmployee complains about PORN???), and also does The Stranger pay so much that their $RandomStrangerEmployee's can afford Mercer Island?
dude wanted to get rid of his change without paying coinstar 10% of it to count it up for him.
@3 - Any bank will do that, change your coins into paper.
Pennies are legal tender. Get over it. Also, way to judge the nurse practitioner for her life choices. You're a douche.
Screw you amholes that your time is so damn special...suck it up and quit crying. This is life living in the big some damn civility.
Oh Stranger staff, sigh. You just get worse by the year. Sadly, your elitist and downright ignorant attitudes are what Seattle is made of now. I spent the first 32 years of my life in that fair city. Glad I left because it's over. Last real "local" to leave Seattle please turn out the lights.
how are poor people supposed to look? and where are they supposed to shop? and how, since the majority of them do not have bank accounts are they supposed to exchange their currency into currency you approve of? and why in the world do you think you have the right to judge anyone. your ignorance is apparent to your readers. so is your lack of humanity. and lack of empathy. and your arrogance is appalling. You need to grow up and get a clue. and then perhaps what you write will not discourage people from moving there. you do not represent your community very well. and if you do, then you have also killed tourism, because who wants to go somewhere where people behave that abysmally.
Stranger = NIMBY fauxgressives.
God forbid you are ever in a situation that could compromise your pride and someone is there to take your picture and write with disdain about you publicly. Do you know anything about the person you mocked? Other than the story about them you fantasized in your head to make yourself feel like a more worthwhile PCC patron. Do you know what put them in the situation to be judged by people like you? Where they get their clothes from? How it made them feel when some assholes in the grocery store tried to shame them? You wrote an ignorant article for the public to receive any backlash, what did they do, made you have to stand in a different cashiers line? You suck and so does the Stranger.
Woah, I thought I was on the Seattle Times website, when did the Stranger start getting filled with clueless NIMBY rants?
So lame. Now I just want to have my paycheck cashed into coins and shop at your grocery store.

Also, chastising someone for not going to medical school? Fuck her for wanting to help people AND not have so much debt she has to sell her soul.

And one more thing, gross, judgey, peeping tom...ew.
This 'article' is fucked.
While you may have "been here long enough to consider yourself a 'local'", many of us who were actually born and raised here would not. To us, you are the same as the more recent tech invaders.
Oh please, no need to shame Charles for the coin-counting piece. If someone has a mountain of coins they are trying to pay with, it's because they've been saving their change for eons without spending it, not because they are homeless. Also, look at the watch on that dude's pristine arms. They should have used a coin counting machine and not wasted everyone involved's time.
Also, @15 Look at what they are pictured buying.

And, even if it's not ok to "poor-shame", can we idiot shame? If you don't have a lot of money, there are plenty of better places to shop for grocery's than PCC where your dollars and/or cents will go a lot further.
Apology accepted :-)

So.... in this situation maybe a self-checkout line would been a good call to sidestep similar drawn out, complicated, or otherwise theatrical transactions. Moreover, .... oh wait: those aren't okay either.

@17 Touche
"I saw them as off-the-grid-ish hippie types in theatrical costumes trying to make a point about consumerism"- absolute horseshit, Chuckles. You're an elitist prick, go ahead and own it.
The remark about the nurse practitioner. Did that come from her mouth or yours? Cuz if it's yours I agree with #5

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