We saw you, an entire city, walking around shell-shocked on the night of Tuesday, November 8. For a day afterward, it was a city of tears, until the tears gave way to fury. Protesters filled the streets on Wednesday night, gaining force as they walked from downtown to Westlake Park and continued onward to the University District and then back to the Space Needle. In other cities, too, thousands of people gathered, blocking highways, shouting and chanting, making their voices heard. This is not America, they wanted the world to know. All of America didn't vote for a fascist, racist, misogynist billionaire. All of America didn't cosign those backward views. It was heartening to know that many people felt moved to leave their homes and spend hours walking the streets. They did it again on Sunday at Cal Anderson Park, gathering in front of the fountain and then filling up Velocity Dance Center's V2 space for a post-election community response forum. And then they did it again on Monday. We watched from our window as hundreds of students, mostly from Garfield High School, held signs and yelled for their future. It filled us with hope to know that the teenagers of our world are so energized, that they won't back down. They will keep doing it. And we will keep doing it.