Six Tips for Protesting Against Hate


I like hate. It is a natural opposite of love and love cant exist without hate. Hate helps us survive in battle, hate keeps adrenline flowing and allows us to act where fear will not and hate is as essential to the species as any of the other spectrum of emotions that are part of our nature. If we get rid of hate, then we should dispose of all emotions and become "vulcan-like". Id be on-board with that option as long as education and knowledge were the primary free alternative.
Leftist "rules for peaceful" protests:

1. Throw shit at police. Remember, they are the enemy!
2. Shove an idiology down people's throats. Your way is the only way!
3. Cut off communication. Scream "racist", or "sexist" to kill arguments whenever possible. You are the one with moral high ground!
3. ALWAYS verbally and physically assault anyone (women and children included) who disagrees with you. Remember, they are the racist/sexist ones, not you!
4. Blame everything on white men! Let's not forget, all men are inherently rapists!
5. Vandalise property to get your point across!
I disagree, love can certainly exist without hate. Hate is useful only for wanton destruction, when even those aspects of society that ought be abolished—e.g. bigotry, want, jobs, disease, senescence, death, religion, property, government—should be demolished carefully and dispassionately, they still being part of our laughably primitive modus vivendi. As far as defence goes, the very best at fighting seem generally to be trained to work cognizant solely of their goal and the situation at hand, for (as a karate-do master, a Tiger-Crane master, and an investor's ex-S.A.S. bodyguard told me separately) strong emotion is what you try to engender in an opponent so that [s]he will get sloppy.

Generally, though, we ought aim for 'Vulcan' insofar as it were possible, the degeneration in our culture tracking neatly with the extent to which every successive iteration of Star Trek tends increasingly to mock Vulcans and laud Klingons. (It is worth noting in this connexion that from the Indian Wars through the two World Wars, guerillas and well-supplied soldiers have routinely beaten fierce and proud warriors—perhaps we like boosting Klingons because they remind us of all the folks like them we've handily beaten.)
@3 so how do you know that they voted for Trump ? Are you psychic ? When you assume you make an ass of you and me & brother you are being a total asshole ! I guess @2 sarcasm is just wasted on pathetic morons like yourself.
Chants I wish I never heard at an anti-Trump rally:

Fuck Trump/Fuck Mike Pence: Not with your dick, I would be horrified. My penis would crawl back up inside my own body to avoid such a terrible fate. The mere imagining of it fills me with dread. Both men are hideously ugly. Must we chant about how we would want to fuck such creatures?

Love Trump's Hate. Actually, no I don't. I kinda hate Trump's hate.
@2 @3 @4

If a troll, who troll's a troll, who is trolling, and they think is a troll, is a troll trolling truly?
@7 the new rule of the regressive left is to accuse any opposition that they are racist, homophobic, bigoted, etc. Who cares if it's justified or not, just do it.

If it keeps up we're going to be living in Berlin circa 1930 with the choices of Communism or Hitlerism...
Some Other Real Rules for Protests - no matter your partisan pursuasion
1. Put your phone on Airplane Mode, so that the police IMSI Catchers (aka their 'Stingray' devices) won't spot your phone and snoop your data (either then, or much later). Or leave your phone at home & bring a camera instead.
2. Bring a snack and water. Bring a bandanna.
3. Keep an eye where the police are around you. If shit gets crazy, you want to know which direction is safer.
4. Think about your goals, and how you wish to achieve them, ahead of time. Merely reacting at a protest is a good way to get arrested for no good reason. Do you think that nonviolence is important? Then leave if the protest gets violent. Are you willing to accept police violence for peaceful civil disobedience? Then prepare for that.
5. The middle of the crowd is generally safer from police mace'ing or grabbing/arresting you.
6. Attacking the police is playing into their hands. They are trained to escalate, and win. Don't do it. Don't get arrested for no-reason.
7. Form an affinity group, 3-10 people you can truly trust, as your core of activism. Do this before any protest. They are your "essential team" for setting goals, creating strategies, and having each others' backs if something happens. Make plans for what to do if something happens. Your affinity group can organize other, non-protest actions, and keep each other motivated.
8. Do Not Trust anyone suggesting violence. They are probably agents-provocateur. Violence will provide justification for the police to crack down.
When does protest actually work?
The data suggest that nonviolent action, although slow, will have the greatest positive effect.
Focus on organizing, build a strategy, don't just react, and the actions will be more effective.… (link)

1. Historically speaking, nonviolent struggle is a more effective technique than violent struggle.
2. The number and diversity of mass movements matters.
3. Nonviolent discipline is crucial — especially when the dissidents represent a minority.
4. Mixing violence with nonviolent action rarely leads to change.
5. Flexible and innovative techniques are key.
6. The aim is to change incentives, not to melt hearts.
7. Success takes time.
8. Planning and staying on the offensive is more effective than improvising on the defensive.
9. The most effective form of movement organization structure is not yet understood...(but shared power is more resilient than hierarchical structures.)
10. People used nonviolent resistance against Hitler — and it saved countless lives.

Why Some Protests Succeed While Others Fail
Planning and strategizing for the J20 actions and beyond.
How to Resist an Unjust Regime Nonviolently
Gene Sharp has studied this stuff for decades, and has some specific ideas on what you can do.
@11 - RE: #1 there "1. Put your phone on Airplane Mode, ...."
It is technologically plausible that if your phone connects to a 'fake' cell-tower (aka IMSI Catcher, or 'Stingray'), that 'tower' could surreptitiously install monitoring software on your phone.
Not to make anyone paranoid, but just consider the risks of carrying an radios-on cell phone to a street protest. Keep it in airplane mode, before you get there.