Healing with Massage and Cannabis

How the Fight to Legalize Cannabis Balms and Lotions Gave People with Chronic Pain More Options


I have had miraculous results with the Cannabis Basics products - seriously!! The first time I used them was like the eight time I tried cannabis lotions in the med dispensaries - none of them worked. I rubbed some on thinking whatever, and about halfway back to Yakima my hands started to work again, my arthritis was substantially diminished.

Fast forward to next week when I drove pell-mell back to Tacoma and purchased three small containers of the rescue balm. I applied it to my hands again and my wife said hey why don't you try it on your toe?

My right big toe was completely frozen - couldn't move it and it was completely numb. I'd stubbed it real badly while hiking about a year before and just grew used to having a numb toe. I rubbed some of the balm on my toe, not expecting much. It started to burn and itch, then after that I could move it again!! No poop, I was sold!!
Any place to find a list of therapists who are down w CHABA?