What Is Dabbing? And Should You Do It?

The First Time I Tried It, I Couldn't Believe How High I Got


Just what liberal America needs: a highly effective way to staple you to couch for hours while, like, whatever goes on outside in the straight world.
After the Trump election, I can understand the temptation to get stoned, but the real world requires sobriety, and vigilance.
A long time ago, my friend and I went up to Vancouver when we heard they opened a shop that sold weed even though it was technically illegal. It was called "Da Kine". We were both relatively noob weed smokers at the time. We walked in and were overwhelmed with the fact that there was really a STORE that had shelves of weed for sale. It was super cheesy...blacklights and mushroom paintings...but perfect. I wanted to get enough herb to roll a couple joints. My friend talked me into getting something they called 'Budder', which at the time I didn't know was a dab. The budtender talked it up as the best thing ever. So we hit it in their in-store smoking room. They gave each of us a pea-sized dab, which was most of the problem.

After, we sat down at the table in the place and decided to write for a while as it kicked in. In about thirty seconds, it kicked in massively. I couldn't write; my words smeared sideways and I couldn't get them to look normal. I looked across the table at my friend, and he looked like he was dying; pale, sunken eyes, fear in his face. I noticed he wasn't breathing. I freaked out, took his hands in mine, and got him to breathe in and out slowly with me. We were beyond baked. He says that an EMT came in and people were saying that he was dead (but that didn't actually happen, it was a hallucination). In any case, we couldn't stay there any more, we were too freaked out. So we walked, scared, back to where we parked our car, laid down on a little grass hill in someone's yard, and tried to get out of freakout mode. It took a good hour before we were not scared and in fear of death. We were high the rest of the day, REALLY high.

Needless to say, this was a particularly bonding experience that we had together and hindsight makes it a fond memory, but we both did not enjoy it at the time. I would NOT recommend this method to anyone who is not a serious pothead. Since, I've definitely become a regular user, but I still don't think I would do it again. It was NOT fun being that high. Not fun at all.
Yes indeed. Start with a dab that's about the size of half a grain of rice, and then only if you have a pretty good pot tolerance to start with.
Nice article Lester. One question: you mentioned "Labs like Sorkin's—there are 75 across the state, according to 502 Data—"... where can I find that information on 502data.com? Thanks.