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missed GreenLife NW 11463 Rainier Ave S (same building as clutch)
a bit much to ask perhaps...but menus w prices would have been awesome.
I love Oz. Everything from top-shelf to cheap bags of lil nugs from good growers.
You missed Novel Tree on the Eastside.

Also what do the car dealerships near Belmar have to do with anything? I didn't see mentions of the Ferrari dealer on capitol hill.
can still get quality flower for $5 a gram on the black market. getting closer though! keep dropping those prices i would love to support these business.
Most silicone is heat-proof only up to about 425°F. Glass is easily, safely, and cheaply cleaned using denture cleaner, in particular that version intended for use by smokers.
You better visit them soon! The fed storm troopers will be coming to shut them down starting on Jan. 21!
lester's review on uncle ike's read like a justification for shopping at walmart. otherwise this was awesome and thank you!
6: start supporting them now. Even if you dont buy all your pot legally at least buy some. The extra cost goes to fund living in a civilized society.
I'd like to know how many of these shops are minority owned.
Meanwhile down in Olympia, avoid 420 Carpenter. I've made a few purchases there and they sell garbage weed. There's no smell jars so you have no way of telling how potent your purchase really is.

Their formula is having a host of dumb young girls who all say the same thing "People seem to like this" when you ask them what's good. Don't fall for the hype, which is all 420 Carpenter is all about, style is more important to them than substance or quality.

You're better off going to T Brothers in Lacey, where they also don't have smell jars but at least they have staff that used to work for dispensaries who know which products are good or not, or one of the other shops in town.
I don't want to be obnoxious about it, but I would appreciate a note when a place reviewed—selling cannabis or anything else—were a frequent advertiser with the Stranger. I assume both that there were every effort made to avoid bias and that a little implicit bias might be inevitable; explicitly letting us know where it were mist likely to creep-in is the only remedy I can see.

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