Please forgive my question that stems from not owning a vagina, but why isn't having this stuffed up there like having a rock in your shoe?
"Angry ovary"-------brrrrrrrrr!
@1, there are a couple of reasons. The first is that suppositories are designed to melt inside you, so there wouldn't necessarily be anything solid in there for very long.

The other reason is that vaginas don't have much in the way of nerve endings. There are some right around the entrance, and some in the surrounding internal clitoral tissue, but a relatively small, narrow object like a suppository or a tampon won't necessarily stimulate those nerve endings much, if at all.

Everyone is different, of course, but it's entirely possible not to even feel the suppository once it's in - and if you do, it won't be a solid object for too long.
Just FYI, there is also an IUD that emits low level hormones and changes the mucus levels in order to make the womb inhospitable for conception--this is recommended for people with really bad periods because the copper IUD can make periods worse.
Agree with hwp1985. There are multiple IUDs available. One is made with copper and no hormones. Others have low levels of hormone and in addition to preventing pregnancy are useful for reducing bleeding with periods and reducing pain from conditions such as fibroids and endometriosis. Women using a hormone IUD sometimes find their periods stop altogether.
Thanks for the vagina info@3.
I'm almost excited for my next period so I can give these a try. I've been through maybe 15 different birth control options over the last ~7 years to find relief from debilitating cramps, only to be met with side effects ranging from migraines (including one option where the auras included synaesthesia, which was at least interesting), severe nausea, and constant cramping and bleeding to suicidal depression and other mental issues. What's been working for me over the past year or so (and working 100x better than anything I tried before) is just ibuprofen and so, so much weed (as soon as I get off work, of course); seems like I could use these even on the job. Seriously, Cannabis is kind of a miracle drug for menstrual cramps and the bloating, nausea, loss of sleep, etc that go along with them (YMMV, of course).
I think its time we as a nation move beyond mere Medical Marijuana. It is time, for Municipal Marijuana.

You have no doubt heard of the Drug Czar. I would ask Mayor Murray to appoint a Drug Bolshevik. From each according tot heir stash, to each, according to their desired buzz.
I think this is first vagina-related piece of writing by a man I've ever seen that was both entertaining and respectful. Usually male-penned pieces about pudenda have a vaguely misogynist undercurrent of "haha vaginas gross amIright?" or "vaginas, we know what they're for, right? MY PENIS!" Or they're respectful but so clinical that they're not a lot of fun to read. So thanks for this inquiry! Service journalism at its finest!
I work at a weed store and we just got these in. I tried one this week and I would say this piece is pretty accurate to how it makes you feel. I was fucking around at Comicon and regretted not trying it in the privacy of my own home, mostly because I was peeing in public restrooms all day and every single time it smelled like I was smuggling weed in my vagina. i wanted to apologize to everyone in the bathroom. "Sorry but there's weed in my vagina. But not how you think." And also yes so very much yellow. I was calling it "Turmeric Beav".

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