Glad to hear about this. If you haven't done so already, please #MoveYourMoney out of the parasitic #TooBigToFail banks.
Thanks for the great update on this area, I had not heard.
because of the sheer scale of weed taxes—our state has collected more than $20 million in weed taxes each month since July of last year, according to—the WSLCB recently stopped allowing weed businesses to pay their taxes in cash, unless the business could prove it couldn't get bank services.

This cracks me up. If you're demanding so much money that you think you haven't the time to count it, something might be wrong with the system in which you operate.

I would gladly accept cash from my employer for the money they owe me. And if I earned at N times my current rate, requiring N times as much time and effort to count it? No problem. If I couldn't count the money people owed me as fast as I wanted to count it, I guess I would hire helpers to count the tidal wave of money coming at me. At worst, the counting expense would be proportional to the flow of money coming in.

The policy reportedly enacted by Washington's department of alcohol and cannabis trade sounds contradictory to federal law. If this state taxed individuals' income and tried to require us to do business with some third party in order to settle our tax obligation--refusing federal currency for such--I would be inclined to pay in cash on principle.
I wish people owed me so much money that I couldn't be bothered to count it.

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