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Washington Is the Only Place in the World Where You Can't Smell Weed—and Properly Evaluate It—Before You Buy It

The Stranger


Counter-point: Most consumers aren't educated and experienced enough to gain useful purchase information from smelling the weed. To the point that consumers would select specific terpine profiles that are blithely accepted as bonafides like super skunky ultra hybrids as being quality indicators.

In fact, with prices what they are, why not purchase a gram of several varieties and see what growers products resonate with you and make a list for both growers and strains you like?

I don't know why it falls on me, a daily toker, to inform ya'll on being better consumers.

Washington state is providing an excellent blue-print on how *not* to run a legal weed operation. Run, do not walk.
the lawyer that wrote the initiative wanted to make it uptight-old-white-people proof.

deal. recycle the plastic bag.
@2, yeah, it's been such a dismal affair for 4+ years.

As I take a long draw off my pipe.
You can't smell the wine before you buy a bottle either. What consumables can you handle in the store?
I've never been to a Washington pot store but does this rule noticeably cut down on external odor? Some weed smells good, some bad, but good lord some of the stores in SF can stink up the block as much as a McDonalds. Always felt for the people that live above them.

The noticeable odor comes from consumers who can't restrain themselves for even 90 seconds after leaving the shop.

And come on, Lester. If you really want to help consumers, start writing reviews of the stuff instead of bitching about regulations.
@6 well I think that's his point -- it doesn't do much good to review a particular grower's strain if the gram you get has been grown differently or stored badly.

@1 I don't understand why "weed flights" aren't a thing yet. Try this rainbow of seven different half-gram tastes.
I just want to add that weed is freaking awesome whether its packaged up or not.

I ❀️ WEED!
I could not agree more, I rely on my nose to tell me if it's good or not, but here I have no choice but to find a shop where the staff knows the product from personal experience. In short, we have to rely on second hand experience from people who may or may not like what we like.

There's a shop here in Lacey that hires pretty girls to say "Well people seem to like this", and I fell for it twice and it was poor quality product both times, I knew it as soon as I opened the packages.

I'm also not a fan of the restrictions against growing it ourselves but that's a topic for a different discussion.
They don't want to keep a jar of each type of weed for people to smell because it soon gets stale and doesn't smell anymore. So they want it to be legal to open every package and smell it?

Are you going to buy the weed that other people opened and smelled? Once its opened, you cant even be sure it weighs correctly.
By the same logic, do the large, bulk containers "quickly go stale" so that you are now sealing up stale weed at the point of purchase?
Those bags are not recyclable. In fact they make regular bulk recycling unrecyclable. Then it all goes to the landfill.
@6 - Untrue in my experience. Smoking near a dispensary is as massive a no-no as taking a drink from a bar.

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