Olympia Passes a Bunch of New Weed Legislation Which Now Awaits the Governor's Signature


How is growing hemp here illegal? I thought I-502 defined "marijuana" as cannabis plants containing more than a certain percentage of one or more cannabinoids, and that plants with less than that were simply unregulated?
An FAQ published by the state board of alcohol and cannabis trade states, "The law modifies the definition of “marijuana” to include only cannabis greater than 0.3 percent THC concentration. Cannabis under this limit – industrial hemp – is not treated as recreational `marijuana.'"
@1 and @2 my understanding is that hemp production will be managed by the state dept. of agriculture, not the LCB, so they simply needed to make a slew of the necessary but fairly mundane legal changes to permit this.
Hmmmm, if signed, this opens the doors for lounges.
#4 Indoor 2nd hand smoke laws are still the hurdle for lounges.
@4, even ignoring Clean Air Act rulings, where do you see an opening for lounges?

I read the full-text of the bill and see no decrease in regulation allowing for lounges.
Good news to see some of I-502's defects getting fixed. One of the stupider objections to I-502 was to argue that this or that provision of it was stupid or likely to prove troublesome (or what of something just didn't turn out as envisioned) and therefore it must be opposed as a whole because it falls short of perfection. As if any legislation is ever perfect, or no law is ever changed by subsequent laws.
The plants and seed sales to patients will only be available to the patients that have surrendered their rights to join the registry. Non-registered, but qualified patients with an authorization from their health care professional, are left out because we refuse to be treated as second class citizens and sex offenders.
Growing hemp for any purpose outside of the Industrial Hemp Research Program is prohibited.

In fact, technically speaking, even qualified patients, registered or not, are prohibited from growing their own plants if the THC is not ABOVE the .3% level. We only have legal protections for "marijuana". How screwed up is that? See RCW 5.120.020...

Industrial hemp—Agricultural product—Exclusively as part of industrial hemp research program.

Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, industrial hemp is an agricultural product that may be grown, produced, possessed, processed, and exchanged in the state solely and exclusively as part of an industrial hemp research program supervised by the department. Processing any part of industrial hemp, except seed, as food, extract, oil, cake, concentrate, resin, or other preparation for topical use, oral consumption, or inhalation by humans is prohibited.

Now if those of us who joined the medical registry so we could have access to medical grade edibles could actually get access to those edibles, that would be great.
@4 @5 @6 - There's already a lounge named Frankies here in Olympia. Traditional bar downstairs, 21+ members only lounge upstairs where you can smoke MJ or tobacco but no alcohol. I think it costs 40 dollars a year to be a member but I believe they also sell daily membership for visitors or so you can check it out before joining for longer.
Why is Washington the only State that has not moved to protect medical marijuana patients (and recreational buyers)? California, Colorado, and Oregon's Governors all have bills waiting to be signed to keep public employees from helping the fed's with their coming crackdown. Colorado appears ready to also deem all of its recreational stores and (recreational users plant grows). Medical marijuana dispensaries. As our Republican Senate (which I thought would flip in 2016) did away with medical marijuana dispensaries. This States ass is left hanging out. Patients could actually do jail time because of this inaction. What's wrong with this State?