The Guy Who Invented the Bong Lives in White Center and Might Lose His House


The Hookah has been in use since the 16th century where in India it was often made of glass and used to smoke weed until tobacco arrived from the Americas in the 17th century.

just saying.
I owned a glass bong in 1992. Weird.
What about the Tokemaster?
I owned a Glass Bong, styled just as they are now. WAAAAAAAY back in the 70's. Weird how a Washington guy invented it? Bongs just as they look now were available in glass and ceramic decades ago in headshops in San Diego. That's what they were called back then. You guys don't know that. That's how long ago I smoked from a glass bong. The OP don't know shit.
"In this case, we won't consider it cultural appropriation" - The Stranger.
Art glass pipes, bongs, dab stuff and accessories are fetching huge huge money. People auction off little pendants and caps and cubes on Instagram for hundreds of dollars. Full pieces go for thousands. The key is they are meant to be art, not just a thing to put weed and water in or some colored glass swirled into a standard design.

Cool that he fostered the idea, but unfortunately he missed the boat with the new surge in weed-serving glass art.
I bought a bong in the Pike Place Market head shop when I was 16, 1985. Can't remember if it was plastic or glass, but I don't believe it was brand new then, many friends had them.
@4 Yup. I distinctly remember seeing glass bongs in headshops in the 70s in the Bay Area. I guess my memory could be faulty, but... c'mon. This is quite a claim.
No, it was I who invented the bong, last week!
Everything else aside, I know Cam personally and he's an incredibly sweet, mild-mannered stand up guy. Stop with the attacks, people, even if you don't like the article.
I for sure had a glass bong in the early 80's, I got it at the Gob Shoppe.
I was born in '76, but have been smoking bongs since the late 60's. Having said that, I can appreciate that this guy made an all-in-one blown glass version of my old nano-carbon bong that I purchased at a headshop in SF in '68. My old bong was strong but brittle and you definitely didn't want to inhale too many graphene nanoribbons.
It's a misleading headline, but I'm pretty sure the article is talking about the invention of what is widely known as a "bubbler". You know, the hand-held, all glass, one piece (emphasis on the all glass one piece) utensil without gaskets that you hold like a pipe. Essentially a hand-held pipe/bong. I remember meeting blowers in Whatcom County 1994 that had come via Eugene that knew how to make these. Nobody had ever seen anything like bubblers before and they couldn't make them fast enough. They were new and the greatest thing since sliced bread at the time. Thanks Cameron Tower!
I think there's a vocabulary and generational problem with this article. Bummer the guy can't make his payments though.
No Patent? OOPS!

"Most people miss opportunity because it's dressed in coveralls and looks like hard work." -Thomas Edison.
#16 Thanks for the quote. Love it!
@11 No one is attacking him. The article made a claim about invention within a specific time period that is not credible based on a large number of people's personal experience and observation. You should be attacking the author of the post form making Cam look silly, unless Cam himself is making this claim, in which case he is making himself look silly.

I hope Cam is able to get through this hard time successfully! It seems to me his artistry and impact on the market stand on their own without the necessity of someone claiming invention. But even if he was only the first guy to carve a pipe out of a section of broom handle, a faucet filter screen, and a bic pen tube, like me, I would wish him well in this difficult time!