Vials of pot samples await testing at Medicine Creek Labs Lester Black


How much more does Medicine Creek charge than average for lab work, to cover their accreditation presumably?

If that were passed along at 100% to the retail customer, how much would that add per gram?
To begin to guess, you'd also have to know how much sample needs to be tested, per product shipped. That's also a factor in result validity. Go out to where some blackberries are ripening and try a few. Some of them will be tart, sweet, bland, and that's just the outline, the point being that different fruit on the same plant are chemically different. Is the tested marijuana product even all from the same plant, or can they test one bud and label a barn full of plants? It's crazy - and I'm not saying there's any realistic solution, you just can't test a bale of weed with any kind of precision.
Minor quibble: "...the tribe hopes to combine its work on cannabis with their brand-new cancer care clinic, which shares a building with Medicine Creek Analytics."

If this is reference to the Salish Cancer Center, I'd hardly call opening three years ago, in 2015 - "brand new".

I've tried to get Leafly to cover the issue of the Puyallup tribe's entrance into weed, lab testing, and cancer treatment - The Stranger can pat themselves on the back that they beat Leafly to it.…

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