Nevadas about to experience a major drought - a weed drought!
Nevada's about to experience a major drought—a weed drought! ETHAN MILLER VIA GETTY IMAGES

Weed is a hot commodity this week—so much so that recently legalized Nevada dispensaries are running low, and Swiss grocery stores will start selling CBD ‘cigarettes.’ Also there's a “Pot Lab of the Future” right here in Washington State, and a new musical about Willy Wonka and the “Weed Factory.” Read on!

Nevada Is Running Out of Weed

Damn! Greedy stoners and tourists practically cleaned out the shelves of Nevada’s dispensaries during the state’s first week of selling legal weed. So much so that Governor Brian Sandoval issued a “Statement of Emergency” (not to be confused with a “state of emergency,” mind you), urging the Nevada Tax Commission to consider handing out distribution licenses to businesses that don’t have wholesale liquor licenses (since the alcohol industry always has to try and get in on the action when weed gets legalized).

Instant Karma’s Gonna Get Ya

A former salesman for an opioid-pushing pharmaceuticals company was denied the medical marijuana that he needed in order to kick—you guessed it—his opioid addiction.

The sales manager, Jeffery Pearlman, worked for Insys Therapeutics Inc., a pharmacetical company that donated half a million dollars to defeat legal weed in Arizona. Pearlman also happens to be indicted in a kickback scheme to get doctors to prescribe Subsys, a sub-lingual spray containing the synthetic opioid fentanyl.

CBD Cigarettes Will Be Sold in Switzerland

A Swiss grocery store chain will start selling cigarettes that are a mix of CBD, hemp, and tobacco (since Europeans like their spliffs, after all) for the US equivalent of about $20. The cigarettes won’t contain much THC, however, due to the limits of Swiss law for what’s legal. Here’s a promo video; it's in German, but still "highly" entertaining:

The “Pot Lab of the Future” is Run by The Puyallup Tribe in Washington

Medicine Creek Analytics is quietly becoming one of the best labs in the country for testing the safety of legal weed. The Stranger’s Lester Black has this exclusive.

A Cannabis Conference for Women

Women, who make up 36 percent of the executives in the cannabis industry, now have a conference of their own in which to find mentors in their field, network, and break through the glass ceiling of weed entrepreneurship. The Cannabis Business Women’s Empowerment Summit takes place in Los Angeles on July 22. Read more about it here.

Willy Wonka and the Weed Factory Debuts in California Next Weekend

I mean, in a way it makes perfect sense—ever think that the Oompa Loompas were ‘on’ something? Or Willy Wonka himself? (There’s even a strain named after him!) According to their IndieGogo page, the adaptation is “a musical satire created with the goal of changing perceptions of cannabis to see it for what it really is—the chance to save the world.” But like this attempt at musical about grunge, will it be an unmitigated disaster? We’ll just have to see...