A marijuana-themed ghost town?!? Sign me up.
A marijuana-themed ghost town?!? Sign me up. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The first marijuana themed-town might become a thing if the company that just bought a California ghost town can actually make it happen. Plus, city inspectors go undercover to bust… Hempfest? And now Washington state weed producers can own multiple licenses, which may or may not be good for the industry. Read on.

Weed Town, USA?

Everyone’s getting all excited about Nipton, California, a ghost town on the edge of a desert that was recently purchased by cannabis company American Green. The company’s plans for the town sound too good to be true: creating an energy-independent cannabis outpost with CBD-infused mineral baths, culinary events, and recreational weed stores galore.

And maybe it is. A journalist at New Cannabis Ventures dug a little deeper and he thinks that that American Green is just blowing smoke after a look at their dismal financials. The company apparently “has a long history of issuing exciting press releases but then not following through.”

Hey FAS, Stop Picking on Hempfest!

The nonprofit behind Seattle’s one and only Hempfest, whose very future is in question due to rising costs, was the target of an undercover operation by the Department of Finance and Administrative Services (FAS). City inspectors covertly attended small fundraising parties at private residences across the city, failed to find any violations, but still cited organizer Seattle Events for operating a marijuana business without a license. Since then, the FAS has dropped the fine of $1,000 for lack of real evidence after being called out by the Associated Press.

Washington Weed Producers Can Now Get More Licenses

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) just rescinded their "one-license only" policy, which means that individuals and businesses in the cannabis industry can load up on multiple licenses. It’s not 100 percent clear yet how this will affect the industry, but some say it may result in “a frenzy of mergers and acquisitions” among smaller cannabis companies in the state, and others fear it will create monopolies of large companies swallowing up smaller ones.

Marijuana Use And High Blood Pressure Linked In Questionable Study

Uh oh! A new study says that regular marijuana users are three times more likely to die from high blood pressure than non-users. But wait… what exactly constitutes a "regular marijuana user" anyway? According to this study, it’s anyone who has ever just tried marijuana or hashish, not necessarily someone who smokes it all the time. Fake news!

Cards Against Humanity’s “Weed Pack” Earns Serious Green For Legalization Efforts

The infamous party game that makes you feel just a little evil has donated $70,000 in proceeds from sales of their Weed Pack to the Marijuana Policy Project. Max Temkin, co-creator of Chicago-based Cards Against Humanity, explained: “For us, this is a common-sense issue of racial justice, health justice and criminal justice. State and national politics are incredibly screwed up right now, but it gives us hope to think that we can make progress on these kind of common-sense issues that everyone supports.”

How To Be A “Good Weed Citizen”

Now that marijuana is going mainstream, Rolling Stone put together a guide to some holy commandments for being an ethical stoner, including: share your stash, dose properly, clean your glass, and check your privilege. I would also add to that: don’t bogart, don’t pass a cashed bowl, support local women and minority-owned cannabis businesses, and plan your munchies ahead of time.