The lab was unable to appropriately conduct a coliform test for microbes like salmonella, E. coli, and mold, which can make people sick. mike force


MacRae has been kicking ass and doing a great public service.
The WSLCB is, after all, the very same people who completely bungled the state's liquor store business.

I know people in the industry who have been penalized by the LCB for using pesticides that they never used. They sent samples of their product to other labs for testing and the tests came back negative for the pesticides the state said they'd detected. In some cases, millions of dollars of product are affected, representing a massive strain on their business.

Having lived here for a few years, it seems pretty obvious that what will happen is these companies will have no choice but to sue the state, who will lose because of their incompetence, and end up spending more taxpayer dollars to settle the suits.

No matter how long I live here, however, I'll never understand why this kind of state level incompetence is not only tolerated but allowed to continue.
will testing get you high?
it's fucking weed
It's NOT a "War on Drugs."
It IS a war on Drug Users:

"After all, if their behavior is actually harming and/or killing people, it would only be Cannabis-imbibers that are being harmed and/or killed…. and where is the harm in that?"
"Our state government has made far more money than anyone in the legal weed business, and that money should buy us a better guarantee that legal weed is safe weed. "

Well said, Lester.
The state isn't doing the testing, accredited private labs are. We are paid by our customers - the licensed producers and/or processors - and we're running razor-thin margins (like basically all gov't-licensed science). The WSLCB's mismanagement of testing labs and P/Ps who try to skirt the rules is a controversial subject and I will keep my mouth shut - except to say that practically no tax money from legal weed is not going to the LCB. The private company that audits labs could focus more on results and methodology, and consult industry experts more. Cannabis compliance testing is a fairly new field, and we're presently establishing the "right way" to do it as a collective of licensed labs. Stay tuned for updates on lab standardization - the labs doing it right (most of us) are sick and tired of cheaters getting free reign!

While I applaud the impetus MacRae has put on the industry as a whole, his work is generally shoddy and cherry-picked to confirm his own biases. And that says nothing about his conduct as a human being - read his blog for some laughable nuggets of rambling, bigoted crazy.
#7 I would contend good labs would recognize the futility of reporting test results down to a decimal when the confidence interval is at best +/- 7% - if I was in the business of Cannabis testing I would be ashamed of myself for charging for tests that could be replicated by rolling dice.

I'll repeat part of your argument a different way- the majority of P/P that pay you and any other lab "are sick and tired of cheaters getting free reign..." and paying for the privilege. I don't want to have to keep paying for being your alpha and beta tester. Medicine doesn't get to charge full price for experimental procedures. Where is the value proposition in using any of these labs besides checking a box that was put there by politics rather than science? You've helped drive this foolish focus on high THC knowing full well there is far more to the effect (entourage or whatever term people want to market) than THC or we'd all be popping Marinol.

I'll tell you what- tell me what percentage of the way you are in getting to proper testing procedures and test-retest reliability and I'll pay you the percentage of my total lab testing bill until you get it right...

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